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Our Story

Chocolate History

Sweet Story

With our unique take on the profession of a pastry chef, we revolutionize even the most firmly entrenched traditions.

Our Team

Meet the people that work tirelessly to bring your wildest confectionary dreams to life with unique passion and skill


“This is one of my favorite places in town. Here you can take amazing photos, try new things, enjoy the world’s best desserts and learn how to make them. I appreciate your service and fast delivery!”

Peter Johnson, photographer

“This is a luxury high-chocolate-fashion studio where they sure know how to make your taste buds explode! I recommend this store to every discerning sweet-tooth out there. Thank you for the beautiful gifts!”

Jason Stanley, designer

“What a nice place to take your children to! I really enjoyed the quick course, where we learned to melt chocolate and form candy shapes. I am now a regular customer of your amazing boutique.”

Lauren Smith, accountant